Great Article on CLV for Mobil Apps

evus TECHNOLOGIES has a great article on various ways of measuring and tracking the performance of a mobile app. They review 50 different KPIs (key performance indicators) that are relevant to mobile app metrics, including a look at customer lifetime value, retention rate, and customer acquisition cost.

So if you have a special interest in CLV for your mobile app – then check out their article Top 50 KPIs for Mobile Apps.

Here is a short excerpt from the opening of their article, to give you a sense of why it’s an important read…

Understanding the various mobile KPIs (key performance indicators) and how they apply to your business should be the first steps you take when developing a plan for marketing, promoting, and ensuring the success of your app.

Regular reporting and analysis of mobile app marketing KPIs and how your app is progressing helps you improve upon its performance and therefore generate more revenue.

It helps you place a valuation on your app and therefore attract the attention and resources of buyers, investors, and shareholders.

Defining unique KPIs means determining what a good performance looks like and how to capture and measure the various indicators along the journey.

But of course, there are nearly as many mobile app metrics as there are apps, so understanding what it all means is perhaps the first step in the process.